More Projects

Roger CPA Review Drupal Redesign

The Drupal redesign of Roger CPA Review is nearing completion and was a huge undertaking that took well over a year. We have many contract workers involved, including developers and designers all over the U.S. While I was not involved in the website rebranding, I did however create a number of mockups based off the new branding guidelines and am looking forward to launch!

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D'Artagnan Vineyards

D'Artagnan Vineyards & Winery is a vineyard in El Dorado Hills, CA. They approached me with the request of a modern, responsive website for the promotion of their winery. I worked closely with their marketing director, designing the pages as they saw fit. The site was created using a Drupal template from which I customized and designed where needed. This was a challenging project where I learned about creating custom Drupal templates, responsive design, third party API integration, and more.

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MyLikes Redesign

As a summer intern for MyLikes, I was tasked with redesigning the entire website. This included both the marketing side and user account interfaces. I created mockup variations for both desktop and mobile devices, each getting approved through my manager and sent for development. It was a challenging task, but it was a great learning experience and refined my design abilities.

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Fliphouse Burgers

Fliphouse Burgers is a fictional burger restaurant I created as part of my Masters Thesis program. The goal was to create a website utilizing both front-end and back-end technology. This project was not only challenging, but a great experience for me in understanding how both front-end and back-end technologies work together in creating a functional result.

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Motion Reel

My reel is the culmination of my experience with video editing and 2D/3D motion design in 2011 while working at Digital Media Factory. While UX/UI Design & Development is my focus, I find these skills fun and useful for displaying quick interactive prototypes.

Academy of Art Projects

These are a handful of projects I completed while attending the Academy of Art University. The collection displays a number of design and technical projects that prepared me for my final thesis project.

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