Roger CPA Review Digital Flashcard

What are Roger CPA Review Digital Flashcards?

Roger CPA Review Digital Flashcards were created to give aspiring CPAs a tool to help them study key terms on the go. The application offers hundreds of CPA terms, giving the user an option to mark each card as mastered or bookmarked for later review. Analytics also keep the user up to date on how they are progressing with every quiz.

What I did

This was the second application I worked on at Roger CPA Review, the first being the multiple choice application, and again I was given basic wireframes to start from. The goal was to keep the application consistent with the multiple choice application, but making improvements where necessary. I worked closely with the Marketing Director and developer, creating high fidelity mockups for every screen and interaction. We employed user experience best practices and was able to do a round of user testing before launch. The user went through a number of task scenarios, giving us invaluable information which in turn vastly improved the user experience. As the application neared completion, I took on a majority of quality assurance testing, finding bugs and design flaws for the developer to correct. Overall, the project was a success and we created a great tool for aspiring CPAs.

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