Roger CPA Review Redesign

Project Scope

Upon starting at Roger CPA Review I was tasked with making incremental improvements to their front-end design. Talks had begun about a complete website redesign utilizing a Drupal CMS, but improvements to the current site were needed for the time being. The goal of the project was to improve the user interface design and in turn improve a portion of the overall user experience, positively affecting the bottom line.

What I did

I began by solidifying a style guide with the Marketing Director and started making improvements to both page structure and design across the site. My goal was to clean up the interface, remove excessive text, use high quality imagery, and block out content in a way that maximizes user understanding. Mockups were sent to my manager where they were either approved or returned for further edits. Once approved, I was given the green light to code out each page, browser test, and push to our servers.

The incremental improvements made to the site over time were well received. Part of the success of the project was based off my request for the companies first focus group. We had about ten aspiring CPAs join our study, where I asked them a number of questions and received feedback that directly affected user interface development. Overall, the project was a success and great improvements were made to the site, which have held things over nicely as the new Drupal CMS nears completion.

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